Each hour invested with the Impact & Influence Formula will pay you back again and again this year. And the benefits multipy for the rest of your life!

Get started with simple, elegant, foundational skills and tools for optimizing your personal and professional life and turn challenges into clear pathways forward.

This 3-Day implementation intensive is designed for social change leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists who want to accelerate their impact and influence.

You will leave these 3 fun and action-filled days with clarity, confidence, and a powerful formula in hand for transformative and sustainable change.


Need A Mentor Who:

  • is committed to help you clarify your life’s purpose and align your business or career with it.
  • gives you step-by-step blueprint and keeps you accountable towards your goals and values in life.
  • is determined to be by your side every step of the way to help you do more of what you’re really good at and knows that “we are better together” in the work of changing people’s lives, businesses and environment!

No Obligation! No Strings Attached!