This 90-minute Resilience Jumpstart Training is designed to accompany the “20 Minute Miracle” for putting meaning, joy and bounce back in their life.

Burnout, stress, overwhelm are NOT just a matter of life-work balance. And there are simple things that when done (not just thought about!) make a massive difference to your life and outlook. 

Look, you are not just hardware—your body—even though our bodies are our magnificent base for life. And what “software” and input you choose matters.

Join this invaluable training doesn’t just tell you what NOT to do. It gives you a powerful tool for revitalizing your day, even when the craziness of the world seems to sap you of what used to be an inspiring and amazing life!

Leaders set tone, direction and standards. While grit and zest from resiliency are the most predictive qualities of individual success, the capacity to influence and bring others to the mission at hand is critical. The capacity to get stakeholder buy-in, to mentor emerging leaders, and to shape the team/business/organization cultures are direct products of core communications skills.

When you build confidence in this one area of your life, you discover a special kind of freedom—to live with little regret, wherever you go. Be it checking into a hotel, doing a deal, guiding team members, negotiating bed-time with your children, or choosing house-colors with your partner.

Taking The Negotiators’ MasterClass is an investment in your life-long satisfaction and accomplishment in your professional and personal life.

Pay youself back again and again, this year and every year! The MasterClass is designed for experienced professionals, managers, and emerging leaders ready to sharpen their competitive edge and bridge gaps in their skills.

This will be one of the most satisfying and useful courses of your life!

This 3-Day implementation intensive is designed for social change leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists who want to accelerate their impact and influence.

You will leave these 3 fun and action-filled days with clarity, confidence, and a powerful formula in hand for transformative and sustainable change.


Need A Mentor Who:

  • is committed to help you clarify your life’s purpose and align your business or career with it.
  • gives you step-by-step blueprint and keeps you accountable towards your goals and values in life.
  • is determined to be by your side every step of the way to help you do more of what you’re really good at and knows that “we are better together” in the work of changing people’s lives, businesses and environment!

No Obligation! No Strings Attached!